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Bob Catley - Shelter From The Night tab

BOB CATLEY  Shelter From The Night
from the Legends (1999) record



Verse 1:
Am            G            F           Am
Listen to the sound of the wind in the trees
Am             G          F        Am 
Falling down below like a lost melody
Am            G            C            D     F                   G 
Echoes that resound in the depths of my soul, beckon the blood to flow 

Am            G            F           Am
Listen to the cries of the wind in the eaves 
Am            G           F       Am
Every nerve exposed, only one remedy
Am              G             C        D        F                     G 
Deep within the vaults of the castle I roam and wait for the light to go 

                   F           G      Am      G
I'm burnin' like a fire in the dark tonight 
      F           G                   Am  G    Am  G
Yeah, she put the knife through my tender heart 
F            G      Am   G     D       E
Pyres in the dark tonight as I bleed... 

      Am  F   G                Am     F
All I need is shelter from the night 
    G             F               G                   Am    F 
The love I buried deep within her eyes had passed and gone 
    G Am  F   G                Am     F
All I need is shelter from the light 
    G                F                 G                           F       G
The quest within for peace, a thousand years, with a love to last eternity 

Verse 2:
Am            G           F             Am
Listen to the sounds of a frost covered dream
Am              G             F         Am 
Children of the night whisper softly to me
Am                 G            C      D     F                 G 
Caught against the white Transylvanian snow, calling me down below 

Am            G              F           Am
Listen to the sighs you were scared to believe
Am             G             F          Am
Haunted by the ghost that my love never sees 
Am              G               C             D     F                    G
Searching every night that some day she might know, just how the feeling grows 




Solo rhythm:
F, G, Am, G
F, G, Am, G, Am, G
F, G, Am, G, D, E

Chorus 2x

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