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Bob Dylan - If Not For You tab

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This isn't much different from the other version on this site, except
for the way the minor chords are played but that makes a hell of a 
difference to the sound.. and there are unnecessary 7th chords in
the other version.

Chords: Use thumb for bass notes, especially G#m' and F#m'
E:   076454
B:   799877
A:   577655
G#m': 466400
F#m': 244200
E7:  076700
F#:  244322

Intro: Use verse sequene:
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Verse sequence:
           E    B A
If not for you 
              E              B A
Babe I couldn't find the door
         E                 B A
Couldn't even see the floor
               G#m'   F#m'
I'd be sad and blue
              E B A
If not for you

Chorus sequence:
A              E
If not for you  my sky would fall
B                 E   E7 
Rain would gather too
A                        E
Without your love I'd be nowhere at all
  F#                   B           A         G#m'   F#m' 
I'd be lost if not for you and you know it's true

B A G#m' F#m'
B A G#m' F#m'
B A G#m' F#m' E
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