Bob Dylan - Make You Feel My Love Acoustic chords

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F                        AM            DM                    Bb           Bbm
when the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case i 
                  F     DM    GM7           C7     F
could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love


Bb                           F       DM  GM7         C7           F     Bb
I know you haven't made your mind up yet but i would never do you wrong i've 
                          F      DM   G7                           C7
known it from the moment that we met no doubt in my mind where you belong 

F                    AM            DM                    Bb    Bbm
i'd go hungry i'd go black and blue,go crawling down the avenue no theres
               F        DM GM7         C7      F
nothing that i wouldn't do to make you feel my love

 I made this chord structure up myself and think it sounds sweet for acoustic guitar. steve miller
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