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Bob Schneider - Come With Me Tonight tab

 TITLE: "Come With Me Tonight"
ARTIST: Bob Schneider
 ALBUM: I'm Good Now
Transcribed by Connor Roberts


These chords are all variations on the regular chords, but I will just put the standard
names like "Em" to avoid writing out long names like 

"Em(sus7)" everytime, etc....

 Em	  G	   C	    D	     Asus
e--0--	  --0--	   --0--    --0--    --0--
B--3--	  --3--	   --3--    --3--    --3--
G--0--	  --0--	   --0--    --2--    --2--
D--2--	  --0--	   --2--    --0--    --2--
A--2--	  --2--	   --3--    --x--    --0--
E--0--	  --3--	   --0--    --x--    --0--


Em, G, C, D (4x - picking VERSE/INTRO RIFF)

VERSE/INTRO RIFF: (while holding down findering for each chord, just play string order
show below)
 Em		    G 		      C		        D

(At the end of the verses and chorus, just only play the first string-pick on the "D"
note on the 4th string,or you can just strum the "D" lightly like a regular
chord to close each verse/chorus
since he goes silent in
the song right before picking back up again)

(Play the same intro/verse riff, or just strum the same chords - Em, G, C, D) - it
sounds good with one guitar still picking the riff, while 

another strums each chord, kinda the same as how Bob does it)

       Asus                         C
We can lose ourselves, not find the way back home
          G                             D
'Till the whole world feels just like a Saturday night
      Asus                     C
Not a care in the world, not a man underneath us
G                         D              (back to CHORUS)
Floating through the air, high as a kite

I am pretty sure from this you should be able to figure out the song pretty well;
if not them email me, cause I'm able to play it all the way thru just fine along with the
CD.  It is not a difficult song at all since it uses pretty standard chords and chord
progression.  If you are new to the guitar it may take a while to get down the fingering
and all, but have fun, and if Bob is reading this right now, I hope I did a good job;
you rock man! Keep up the good work.
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