Bob Seger - Wreck This Heart tab

			     Wreck This Heart Ė Bob Seger
Tabbed by:

Hereís this great new song by Seger.  I havenít figured out the solo, but everything is 
is pretty close to perfect.  This is a fun song to play and I hope you enjoy it.

Tuning: Standard

This is the main riff thatís played throughout the song.  Itís fairly easy to get. 
the rest of the song I refer to this as a C Chord but you should be able to hear it for yourself.


I feel a cold wind blowin all over me
I feel the dark clouds startin to form
The trees are bare, the grass is brown
G                              F    C F C
Another early winter Michigan storm
Everything I do is just a little wrong
Everyday for me is the same
Everyone I know is getting in my face
G                        F     C F
And I only got myself to blame

F                 C     Bb   F
I think Iím gonna wreck this heart

C     Bb   F
Wreck this heart
C     Bb   F
Wreck this heart
F        C
After a while

(Play main riff twice)

Big boss tell me my work is off
My wife wants me to come home
I miss my kids
I miss my dog
G                                  F  C F C
Iíve been spending too much time alone
Iíve got bill to pay, promises to keep
And itís all hangin over my head
Iíve got miles to go before I sleep
G                         F   C F
Iíd rather be with her instead



D                      Bb
Thereís time to work, time to live
F                             C
Thereís only so much time around
D                            Bb
And if you lean too far over the wishing well
F                     C
You might fall in and drown

(Solo with main riff underneath it)

     C                     F
Am I talking too fast am I hard to hear
         C                           F
Have you understood a word that Iíve said
    C                F
Let me put it to you this way
    G               C F C
And underline in red

C                       F
Order me a case of your southern soul
    C              F
And let me out tonight
  C                              F
I need a good long ride on your rodeo
     G                     F  C F C
And everything will be alright

And itís all the same from there!!  Enjoy!!

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note
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