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Bob - Letters From Vietnam tab

i learned this song a while back but only decided to write a tab for it now.
i dont know the guitar solo in the middle of the song but only the acoustic part.
hopefully this is the most correct version you have seen, but i guess that
you're the judge. enjoy!



Fmaj(bar)           Fmin

C                           (when repeating intro)

if you're finishing the intro, let the final two notes
(before the intro repeat) ring before going into the chords.

intro (w/ electric guitar): C Am Fmaj Fmin C
verse: C Am Fmaj Fmin C
chorus: Fmaj G Am G Fmaj G ("soon you'll...") F C

go back to plucking the same thing as above when the "nah nah nah"'s come up.

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