Bobby Bare - Down In Mexico chords

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Down in Mexico

C           G   F   G      F
I'm down in Mexico, had to go,
C        B       C
Won't be home no more
               G      F       G                  F
I want mom and dad to know, I miss and love them so
C                 G           C
Though I'll never see them anymore.

C                      F          G              C   
The day that I turned twenty one I could hardly wait
                   F               G                 C        
To say goodbye to mom and dad and shake the hand of fate
                  F                 G                C        
Fate was with me from the start, until that fateful day
                   F                   G              C       
A big man he took my sweetheart and I took his life away.


I stood and watched the man as he fell
And then I heard the policemen's whistle blow
And when I thought about that prison cell
I thought about old Mexico.

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