Bobby Bare - Im Gettin Lonely chords

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I'm Gettin' Lonely

My baby's gone and I'm all alone
Seems like a million years since she's gone
                             C7                F
She's out havin' fun, she's out with someone she used to know
Can this really be the one who was mine one and only
             G              C
Tell her for me I'm gettin' lonely.

I'll never know what made her change
Now that she's gone everything seems so strange
Too late it seems my hopes and my dreams weren't meant to be
I tried to deny but I know that I'll love her only
Tell her for me I'm gettin' lonely.

F                        G                     C 
I should have known when I did her wrong that she would learn
       F                G                      C
Like a kid actin' smart I broke her heart now it's her turn

If you should see my baby somewhere
Tell her I know now that I really care.
I really miss the true love each kiss she gave to me
She knows that she will always be be my one and only
Please tell her for me I'm gettin' lonely. (lonely...)
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