Bobby Bare - Baby Dont Believe Him chords

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Baby, Don't Believe Him

D#                      G#           Bb                  D#
A guy named Joeís been coming round showing my baby the lights of town
                       G#        Bb                 D#            Bb7   
It fills my heart with misery to see his arms where mine should be

    D#                       Bb
Oh, baby, donít believe him, heís been lying
Baby, donít believe him, youíll be crying
D#7                                      G#
Baby if you donít come back, what will I do?
Baby, donít believe him, why donít you leave him, 
     Bb                     D#
Come back to a heart thatís true

Fancy clothes and shiny car, are you as happy as you think you are? 
Will all your dreams turn out the same as all the girls whoíve played his game?


Soon the sum will break the dawn, my dreams forever will be gone
Your weeding day is starting now, do you really think heíll keep his vow?

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