Bobby Darin - Mack The Knife chords

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[Bb]Oh, the shark, babe, has such [Cm]teeth, dear
And it [F]shows them pearly [Bb]white
Just a [Gm]jackknife has old [Cm]MacHeath, babe
And he [F]keeps it out of [Bb]sight

You know when that [Bb]shark bites with his [Cm]teeth, babe
Scarlet [F]billows start to [Bb]spread
Fancy [Gm]gloves, though wears old Mac[Cm]Heath, babe
So there's [F]never, never a trace of [Bb]red   [F#]

Now on a [B]sidewalk, ooh sunny [C#m]mornin'
Lies a [F#]body just oozin' [B]life, eek
And someone's [G#m]sneakin' 'round a [C#m]corner
Could that [F#]someone be Mack the [B]Knife?    [G]

There's a [C]tugboat down by the [Dm]river, don't you know?
Where a [G]cement bag, just a'drooppin' on [C]down
Oh, that [Am]cement is just, it's there for the [Dm]weight, dear
Five'll get you [G]ten, Old Macky's back in [C]town      [G#]

Now, j'ya [C#]hear 'bout Louie [D#m]Miller? He [G#]disappeared babe
After drawin' out all his [C#]hard earned cash
And now [A#m]MacHeath spends just like a [D#m]sailor
Could it [G#]be our boy done somethin' [C#]rash?       [A]

Now, Jenny [D]Diver, yeah, Sukey [Em]Tawdry
Ooh, Miss [A]Lotte Lenya, and old [D]Lucy Brown
You know the [Bm]line forms, on the [Em]right, babe
Now, that [A]Macky's back in [D]town           [A#]

Now, I said, [D#]Jenny Diver, whoa, Sukey [Fm]Tawdry
Look out Miss [Bb]Lotte Lenya and ol' [D#]Lucy Brown
Yes that [Cm]line forms on the [Fm]right, babe
Now, that [Bb]Macky's back in [D#]town
Look out, Old Macky is back
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