Bobby Joe Ebola - Life Is Excellent chords

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This song is by Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children Macnuggits. All of their songs are 
terrific, but this is one of my favorites.

The band's website:

It's the same chord pattern throughout the entire song, so it's easy enough to figure out.

C       F
Life is excellent
C                        F
The tapwater tastes like excrement
Am             	C
The skies rain poison
But I've got to pay the rent

C             F
There's no litter here
C             F
It's only litter where
Am          C
There's no concrete
It's a rule

They've got a lot of gall
To put a shopping mall
Where we once had


I wasn't expecting it
But I had to pay the rent
Got a job
But don't want that job

Cheesy orange smell
Like cones on the road to hell
Is it poison, is it food
Will it sell?


I like my glowing box and
I like my showers hot
But you can't take the kill out of

I know that talk is cheap
I know that I am weak
But I'd like to be
Around next week
and I don't think there's enough plastique


Stay groovy and keep on rockin' because Life Is Excellent.
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