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Bobby Sichran - Thats What People Say tab

Bobby Sichran: "That's what people say"

Transcribed by Paul Hondl

These chords are 1000% correct, I figured them out with
my piano. I use the american "B" (= german "H")
Have fun.


Intro: D Dmaj7 Bm Gm



Verse: D Dmaj7 D Bm7 (b9)

       Em C#dim7

       Em A Em A

       F#m B

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Chorus1: A C#m

         G Em A (A7)


Verse: (actum ut supra)

Chorus1: (a.u.s.)

Bridge1: C G


Verse: (a.u.s.)

Chorus: (a.u.s.)

Verse: (a.u.s.)

Chorus2: A D D7

Bridge2:G A D Bm

        G D

        G A Bm G

        Em A G D

Verse: (a.u.s.)

Chorus3: A D

         D Dmaj7 D D7

         G Gm D