Bobby Vee - Sharing You chords

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Sharing You:Bobby Vee.
#10 UK Charts, #15 BB Hot 100 and #20
on Cash Box on LIBERTY Records in 1962.


Eb           Dm Eb       Fm7     Cm
Sharing you, I  know I'm sharing you.
Eb  Ab               Dm    Ab      Bb   Eb
I'm not the only one who's in your heart.

Ab   Eb            Dm   Eb              Cm
When I'm with you, your love belongs to me.
             Fm      Ab   Dm          Bb
But you have someone else when we're apart.

          Ab                  Fm
There are two of to kiss you..two of us to 

miss you.
    Ab                                  Bb
And two of us to wish there were two of you.

    Eb                     Gm       Fm7     Cm
And though it hurts me so, to go on sharing you.
  Fm      Ab                           Eb   Bb
I know my helpless heart just can't be free.
    Eb            Ab                Cm
But even though I must keep sharing you..
Eb  Fm          Eb    Ab  Gm         Eb
you know you'll never be, sha-a-rin' me.

    Ab                   Cm          Eb
Oh, no, you'll never be, shar-a-rin' me.
               Ab        Bb          Eb
Ah, ah, you'll never be, shar-a-rin' me-ee..(Fade.)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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