Bobby Womack - I Cant Take It Like A Man chords

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Bobby Womack/ I Can't Take it Like a Man
Songwriters: Crewe, Bob / Williams, Jimmy / Weiss, Laurence
Chart by Mike DeLaCerda

(Intro) A / D
Girl, I've got a little message for you 
I want you to take heed 
Listen it says a 

(1st Verse) A / D
Men, they don't cry to dry their eyes,
or to make a teardrop, oh no 
and I am not weeping, to keep from sleeping,
Girl, I wish you could stop 

Bm              Bm7    
I was your man, a mountain of pride
You came along to change me inside 
Bm                  Bm7
This heart of mine, ain't no windup toy 
But I am still hanging' around for you to enjoy 

I can't take it like a man, 
I can't take it like a man, 
G                      F#
I am heading' nowhere, just as fast as I can. 
I can't take it like a man, 
I can't make it like a man, 
E                  E      D      C#    B      Bm           E
I need your lovin' in the palm   of    my     h  a  n  d. 

(Repeat progression for second verse and chorus!!)

Hearts don't break, to take the ache 
that they're going through, oh no 
If you're mistaken, my hearts breaking
because I love you 

Oh love, if you care,                                                   
won't you please hurry back,
Keep me on the right track, 
Throw me some rope, don't let me drown,                      
Please have a heart; this is my third time down,            

(Chorus X 3/ Fade Out)
I can't take like a man etc.

Please feel free to correct any mistakes!!! Thanks!!
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