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Bodies Of Water - I Heard It Sound chords

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Bodies of Water
Ears Will Pop Eyes Will Blink
I Heard It Sound

Standard Tuning

Am           C	             Dm   F	
I heard it sound from the valleys low
Am               C            Dm         F
I heard it from mountaintops covered in snow
Am          C             Dm     F
I heard it rise from the oceans deep
Am          C	      Dm         F
I heard it echo off canyon walls steep

What'd you hear?
      C      F
A beautiful sound
How'd it sound?
      C           F
It sounded like this

(Beautiful sound)
C   Am   Dm    G

Am            C
As it echoed in my ears
Dm                               F
My face glistened damp with the sheen of my tears
Am             C
As I drew near to your side
Dm                       F
I knew it was useless to flee or to hide

Am           C           Dm          F
There is a sound ringing out day and night
Am            C          Dm   	    F
It fills up each shadow on earth with its light
Am           C             Dm         F
I felt the sound fill my innards and limbs
Am         C	        Dm        F
I felt it watching me think from within

What'd it see?
  C		  F
Desire split in thirds
How'd it feel?
  C             F
The strain was immense

  C                      Am     
These are the times that test all our bonds
     Dm                  G
Our mutual will is all twisted and stretched
 C                       Am
But still the sound, the notes and the chords
   Dm                           G
Reside in our chests where they've been deeply etched

    Am            C
My soul and spirit are apart
     Dm	                   F
My bones and my marrow, divided as well
    Am	              C
And what the eye that sees me sees
     Dm	                  F
Are pieces of body and fractions of self

Am  C  F

Am              C F
What'd you hear?
Am              C F
How'd it sound?

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