Bomb The Music Industry - Little Brother chords

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C                                                        G
Well when I was a little boy I fed my mother a bottle of whiskey
While she was pregnant, unbeknownst to me
I felt bad to say the least
C                                                                        G
And when my little brother was born he had what they call Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
                           F                        C
The kids used to laugh and taunt him as we walked to school


C                                                             G
It was then that I discovered a drug called crystal methamphetamine
           F                                C
And by the second grade I had my classmates hooked
C                                                                G
And in the fourth grade I threw a big fucking party, everyone was invited
                       F                                        C
And I got a girl named Cynthia to blow my little brother for a teener

F                              G                                 C
And no one would fuck with us, no one would fuck with us after that x3
F                          G                              
No one would fuck with us, how could they fuck with us after that?

End on C

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