Bomb The Music Industry - Wednesday Night Drinkball chords

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____Wednesday Night Drinkball____

3/4 Beat
Strumming is quite simple, you should be able to figure it out through listening.
Some Chords like A and D are sometimes played in a different pitch, be creative! 
Have fun playing :D

        E       B
There's nothing less cool
     G#m     A              Am           G#m
than feeling exhausted from hours of not doing
  F#m               (D) (F#m)   
a damn thing at all.
    E            B
Not thrilling to chill,
      G#m           A           Am        G#m
steal bandwidth and cable, give shouts to employers
    F#m   (G#m) (F#m)  E          
and wait  for   the   call. 

//Guitar sets in
There's a light
shining out of the windowsill
    Bm                         A
not content to project all day long.
C#m                                    A
Maybe I could walk a little to the library.

Maybe I could do this right for once.
       A          C
Get my ducks in a row and just

E                     G#m
stop talking trash or whatever they say.
         A              E                A          B
Make the bed, sweep the floor, shake the carpet and spray.
       E                      G#m
Put my shit in a pile, on the top slap a post-it,
       A          E               A          B   
"Don't worry, someday your skill set will be wanted."
C#m                             A
But today everybody is a little tired, it's Wednesday.
C#m                                   A         Am
So at 10:00 I'm walking down a chilly Boerum to Broadway.

//Drummer stops, song softens
         E       B
And it's you and me
      G#m        A          Am          G#m
and a tallboy of Colt forty-five or Bud Light.
       F#m              (D) (F#m)
What's the cheapest one?
    E                B
Get through one more night.
        G#m           A
I drink fast, I don't savor.
     Am           G#m
Each way takes an hour
       F#m      (G#m) (F#m)  E
and at twelve,  I'll   be    gone.


I have no experience in tabbing, I'm sorry. Chords should be the same as in INTRO & OUTRO.

| E | B  |G#m | A         |
|Am |G#m |F#m |(D) (F#m)  |
| E | B  |G#m | A         |
|Am |G#m |F#m |(G#m) (F#m)|
|E  |

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