Bombay Bicycle Club - Rinse Me Down chords

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Band - Bombay Bicycle Club
Song - Rinse Me Down
Album - Flaws

Standard Tuning with Capo on 2nd Fret

Couldn't find these chords anywhere so I decided to learn it by ear, Seem's good to me. 
Have a go and tell me what you think :) Hope ya like it!


D                A
Chasing the night
   G      A    G
To make it right
Oh and you had it
             G      D
Caught like a rabbit

D                A
Told you to wait
  G      A     G
But it's too late
You got your man
          G     D
Rinsing him down


D, A, G, EM, D

D                A
Turning your head
  G      A     G
To mine instead
Gave me the eyes
           G      D
Burning like light


D, A, G, EM, A, D

Hope you liked it!! :)
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