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Bon Iver - The Wolves Live tab

This is my first tab, any criticisms give me a comment :)

Tuning: Standard
To get that tone he has live, I simply put my guitar through clean, and turn up the 

verse "someday my pain":

chorus "with the werewolves around you etc":
---------3s8~-------7~---5~-----|  x4 (0h2 and the sliding chord only on the
---------3s8~-------5~---3~-----|      first time, just strum the 886 for
---------1s6~-------------------|      the rest.)

bridge "what might have been lost":


^Figure out the strumming by listening to the track, it's pretty easy to hear, strum 
chords softly getting gradually louder as the vocal harmonies build.

outro "someday my pain":

This part is the same as the verse, except slower and softer. End on the chord below.


And thats it, folks! Keep listening to Bon Iver and let me know what you think of the 
I'm in the process of working out every bon iver track so if this one's well recieved I'll 
another. Thanks, Gary Jordan x

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