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Bon Jovi - Social Disease tab

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I haven't entered all the song here. But this is the basic riff for the intro and it is 
regularly throughout the song.

e -----------|-------------|-----------------|---------------|-------------|
A -----------|-------------|-----------------|---------------|-------------|
D -----------|-------------|-----------------|---------------|-------------|
G -----------|---------2---|---------------2-|------------2--|--2--------2-|
B -----------|-------------|--7-5-4-2--------|--7-5-4-2------|----5-4-2----|
E -0---------|-(0)---------|-----------------|----------3----|-------------|

e ------------------|--------------|
A ------------------|--------------|
D ------------------|--------------|
G -2-------------6--|--6--4--2-----|
B ---5-4-2-------7--|--7--5--4--2--|
E ---------3-0------|--------------|
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