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Bonnie Prince Billy - Maundering tab

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Bonnie Prince Billy - Maundering

F#                E
  Maundering, I'm maundering

G                        D
  Evil eyes just passing through

F#               E
  Maundering, oh maundering

G                                 D
  Do you know what I'm wanting to do?

      E        G              D
  I'm going to find something true

D       C                           G
  Well I never wanted to be what you wanted to see

       F#                   B
  And I wish that she would be patient with me

E E (riff)

F#                E
  Maundering, I'm maundering

G                 D
  Evil is as evil do

F#                 E
  Maundering, just maundering

G                               D
  God is always showing this to you

      E             G             D
  I'm going to glorify everything good

D     C                 G           D      D
  And put right what is wrong, as i should

  Time was it began

  There is no plan

F#                                   B
  So i hold you in my hand 'till you see

  Only you and...
E E end on B
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