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Bonnie Prince Billy - Cold And Wet chords

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I was chekkkin out some youtube videos of interviews with bonnie prince billy, and 
on this one with some douche bag new peeps, he plays cold and wet,
and you can get a really clear look at the chords he does. It sounds a lil
different from the studio version, but huzzah anyway. ENJOY!

C#             C#dim    F#            A
Water may stop warmth, this do not forget
 C#                      F#         Ab          C#              
When things become too warm make them a little wet
C#                      C#dim    F#            A
And douse them with a mouthful, put the baby down
C#                   F#           Ab                 C#
Clean the earth surrounding and cause the warm to drown
F#                              F#m                       
And introduce to every soul a drink made of tears
A                             C#     A             Ab
Hear them bicker, watch them die impaled on balsa spears
F#                               F#m
And looking in the morning the streets are flooded out
C#                              Edim               Ab
The men are wailing toothless, the ladies ghostly pout
And they shout :

Our shoes are wet, our skin is cold
And we no longer fear the voices of the brave or bold
F#                       Ab
Making what is to come clear
C#                   C#dim      F#            A
Well, future is diminished by what today we did
C#                      F#          Ab           C#
We wetted warmth and killed it and in the water hid
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