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Boothby Graffoe - Jeffreys Song tab

I've tabbed this out from his Comedy Store performance (link below), as best as I can.
There may be a few errors here and there, as it's done by ear, so please feel free to
comment to that effect if you disagree with the tab in any way.

No Capo.



Play this twice. Between the D and the Bmin7, he palm mutes I think, though it sounds
like he may hit an open A string. Check the video for the timing - the Bmin7 and G chords
are a beat apart (i.e. if you have 1-and-2-and-3-and-4 as your beat, the D falls on "1", 
and Bmin7 falls on the "and" between 3 and 4, and the G falls on the "and" that would
come after "4"). Hope that makes sense.



So, the way he plays the verse is a cycle from D, to Em7, to G, followed by the same
little hammer-on section as in the intro. You just repeat this section 3 times, then for
the 4th time, add an A chord after the G, to replace the hammer-on part.

Following the verse, go back to the intro section and play that twice.

For the 2nd verse, he dispenses with the hammer-on section completely, and seems to
replace it with an A chord.


For the interlude between the 2nd verse and bridge, you play the intro twice as before,
but 2nd time around, end on the G, and then do a short walk down the E string (G chord,
E 3rd fret, E 2nd fret) and then into:

A chord (held, whilst he taps on the guitar body)
G chord (held, whilst he taps on the guitar body)
A chord (held, whilst he taps on the guitar body)
G chord (held, whilst he taps on the guitar body)
A chord (held)
A chord (palm mute instantly)
G chord (held for "when i close the door, does the light stay on")

Intro x 2 For the slide on the first round, do this:


For the final verse, just play though as per the 2nd verse, with a final chord
progression ("guess i'm gonna have to dig myself another grave) of D, Em7, G, A, D.

Hope that makes sense!
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