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Bouncing Souls - Fall Song tab

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Em            G5  D  
  Leaves fall down around me
 Em       G5       D  
  They’re smashing off my face

Em     G5         D
  Like orange and yellow lights

Em     G5       D
  I’ve entered a new place

Em  G5           D                  Em G5   D
  I walked these streets a thousand times before

Em     G5    D                 Em G5  D
  I’ve never seen them this way

Am          Cadd9    D      Cadd9
  A perfect end and a new beginning

Am      Cadd9       G5 Cadd9 D G5 Cadd9 D G5 Cadd9 D G5 Cadd9 D  
  Every step of the way


G5        Cadd9   D
  Colours seem so much more true
   G5        Cadd9 D 
My eyes must be on fire

G5  Cadd9     D
  I feel each step’s vibration

G5     Cadd9 D
Stab into my soul

G5     Cadd9   D
  A tornado of light surrounds me

G5        Cadd9 D
Picks me up off my feet

G5             Cadd9  D
  The world is just a blink of light

G5       Cadd9  D
It can’t hold me

    G5   Cadd9 D

    G5   Cadd9 D

    G5   Cadd9 D

    G5   Cadd9 D~

Lead guitar (distorted):
|-------------------|  x4

After this just play the same chords as the acoustic.
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