Bourbon Boys - Hillbilly Heart chords

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          G                 Cadd9               D             D


Intro 2x :  G  Cadd9  D  D

Vers 1

     G                  Cadd9         D
I just want to make it clear from the start
              G              Cadd9     D
That I'm just singing with a hillbilly heart
             G              Cadd9         D
Ain't got no half-assed god damn city boy roots
           G             Cadd9         D
I feel the ground of the land under my boots

Cadd9      G      D
Out in the open lands
       G      Cadd9
A man can be a man
         G                Cadd9            D (Build Up)
For the neon lights, I do not give a damn
No I don't

             G        D          Cadd9     D
Just give me shotgun trucks and cattle
G       D                 Cadd9       D
Horses, whiskey and rye
            G                    D              Em               D
And all the things to keep the beat up in the hillbilly heart
          C                    D              G 
You can't change that even if you try

Vers 2

Well I don't understand the way things go down
For some people who are living in town
They have lost connection with reality
Living only for the fashions on TV

You know that I spend my weekends
Out hunting with my friends
And that sure as hell is better than all trains
It sure is



Vers 3

Well hey there little purdy city girl
I know that you want your diamond rings and pearls
And you think us country boys ain't any good
Cause you count money a lot higher than the woods

Well you know
I think you all will see
That fancy jewelry
Ain't nothing to compare
To living in the free


Cause we got shotguns, trucks and cattle
Horses, whiskey and rye
All the thing that keep the beat up in this hillbilly heart
Keeps the beating girl

Shotguns, trucks and cattle
Horses, whiskey and rye
All the things that keep the beating in this hillbilly heart
Keeps the beating, till the day I die
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