Bowling For Soup - Two-seater chords

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   This is my first chord diagram and I used Masen's tab as a guide for the chords. Hope 
you like it and if there are any issues or terrible mistakes, my e-mail is

 Verse 1
   C            G             Am            F        
      I wanna wake up in your arms  I wanna set off your alarms
                   G               Am              F
      And I wanna break into your car and I wanna take out the backseat

   C                      G            Am                F
      The one where you told me everything I thought I always wanted to hear
   C                      G                Am  -  F
      The one where you told me that it's over
   C                                                G    F
      And everytime you look in your rear-view mirror I hope you see me
   C                                                       G       F
      And all the stuff we did when we were back there together uh-huh

                                   C           G
      And I hope you like your two-seater, no radio
      Am              F
      Keymarks parallel to the pinstripes
   C          G                    Am                        F
      Windows broken, your T-top's stolen, now it's one-of-a-kind
                         C - G - Am - F
      Thanks for the ride

 Verse 2
   C          G                  Am
      I gotta get the hell outta Dodge
                        F                       C
      I just spent the whole night avoiding the cops
                       G                    Am
      And I just don't think I'll go to the clink
      Just cause I took out the back-seat



   C                      G
      Can you hear your radio?
      I bet you can't hear your radio
      So you'll never know I wrote this song for you
   C                              G
      Sorry that your tires are flat
      No you really weren't expecting that
      Guess I got alittle carried away
   C                                        G
      So when you look in your rear-view mirror
   Am                      F
      I hope you see me there

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