Bowling For Soup - Turbulence chords

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Turbulence Bowling For Soup
corrections to changes. Needs proofreading.

[Verse 1]

D G Em Asus4 A

Bm              G
It's so hard to figure out
Em           A
Which way to turn 
Bm               G
There's no going back now 
Em               A
All your bridges burned 
Bm                  A/C#
The stars are gonna shine on you 
           D   eBass   F#bass  G      D/F#
If you can get through the     day 
Storm clouds all around you
      Asus              A
But a blue skies on the way. 


D/F#      G        D            A
And we're all just passengers tonight 
D/F#      G        D                     A      Bm
And we're all just traveling through our lives 
D/F#     G              D
We will reach our destination 
        A                     Bm
So just hang on for the ride 
Say a prayer and close your eyes 
     G (hold)
It's just a little turbulence. 


[Verse 2] needs to be as above
Bm          G
Take a look around you 
Em                 A
Look how far you've come 
Bm                    G
Your whole life in front of you
Em               A 
You've only just begun
Bm                A 
We've all got our problems 
G           Em              A
But they're just bumps in the road 
If you only keep on fighting 
There's no where you can't go. 

Chorus once


Em		     A
This life can be so crazy 
D                     G
Can spin out of control 
      Em                 A           D       D7/F#
But I hope that all your dreams come true 
          Em                 A  
Cause you know that you're amazing 
       Bm     A         E     D/F#
And no matter where you go 
I'll be there for you
        Asus             A        A add2       A
We can make it through. 

Repeat Chorus twice
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