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Bowling For Soup - Belgium Acoustic tab

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Ok, I'm A and I write lots of different acoustic chords out. Mainly for those lovers of 
simpleness of chords. yeh I like them too, so enjoy, this song is on the very end of 
enough to dance, take a listen, ery good, I prefer it to the original.

G        D
Lately i feel so small
C                         Am
Or maybe its just that my bed has grown
C                D               C
I never noticed it before but you were there
So how was i to know

Am        C
That this single bed
G                     D
Was always meant for two
Am           C
Not just anyone
G               D
It was meant for me and you

G              D               Am
And now your halfway round the world
        C         D
And im just a day behind
G        D               Am
Nothin seems to fill the hole
              C              D
That i have since you left my side
G             D               Am
You'll always be my little girl
         C           D
Though i cant hold you tonight
G              D                  Am
And now your halfway round the world
And i'm just a day behind
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