Bowling For Soup - Val Kilmer tab

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always thought my movie
would be a comedy
                  F               G
not quite the tragedy that its become
         C               G
more slapstick than chickflick
         F               G
more Caddyshack than Breakfast At Tiffany's
       F              G              F          G
So, thank me at the podium for a lifetime of contribution
turn on the camera
someone cue the extras
F                       G
hair and makeup to the set
because the big screen's callin
final casting call
          F                       G
its your big shot baby your the next big star
     C                            G                  F
on another stupid movie 'bout a guy with a broken heart
it's fallin apart
   F                           G
headed for the cutting room floor
             F                   G
and in the sequel honey i'm the guy who gets the girl
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