Boy And Bear - Real Estate chords

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Song: Real Estate
Artist: Boy & Bear
Album: Harlequin Dream

E      G#m      D              
Such a fool, I've been only running scared.
E           G#m                  D
I use my conscious, as a way to get through 
E               G#m          D                                        E  
While all my friends, were drifting the glow of love lights and tangerine 
         G#m         D
all my fortunes came true

    Bm                          D               
but oh, I've had something on my mind these days 
                F#m             E              
it's cornered me this time, but I can't say it in front of you so
Bm                    D                        F#m
Maybe I'm just not that kind of guy, god only knows I've tried
      E       D            
I'm a feather made of stone 
       E      D
in a hat you had forgotten
               E      D
You'll be swimming all alone 
         E               D
when it drags you to the bottom of the ocean floor

E, G#m, D
E, C#m, D

E     G#m   D                                    E
Flowing down three rows of fine wine and savouries 
    C#m                  D    
conversation to skittle my view 
E              G#m        D  
but I'm so tired of talking about of the price of real estate
            E                 G#m            D
You better head back down to where you came through

    Bm                         D
and oh, I've had something on my mind these these days
                F#m            E
It's warning me this time, see it don't mean much when you're alone so
Bm                        D
I guess I'm gonna take my time 
I'll whistle and I'll wine
         E                  D
for the weight of something more
     E           D              
I'll tear it up in pieces 
          E     D
till my hands are red and raw
          E             D
Till it drags me to the bottom of the ocean floor

E, C#m, D
E, G#m, D  X2
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