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Boy Sets Fire - When Rhetoric Dies Acoustic chords

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  Am    Asus2    C    Fmaj7
|-2-----2--------2----3-----|  That's it!

If you lift your pointer finger before
each chord (and twice during the Fmaj7),
you can do the little hammer-on thing 
you hear in the recording.

Also, I'll show you the little Am lick
for the chorus down below.

Intro: Am

   Am                  C              Fmaj7
We raise the flags and statues to our mission

      Am            C                 Fmaj7
we've spoken out in slogans and in campaigns

Am                   C            Fmaj7
talked and talked on almost every issue

        Am              C                      Fmaj7
where oppression of the masses is the constant theme

         Am                  C              Fmaj7
but what does this mean to a little town in Iowa?

          Am                 C                      Fmaj7
where the jobs have gone downstream down south and out

            Am              C                    Fmaj7
where their fingers used to work to the bone all day

        Am                C                Fmaj7
profits rise and fall and starvation is a game

  Am Asus2
|----------|    C                Fmaj7
          where is the food that used to cover their table?

     Am Asus2              C                       Fmaj7
     where is the sense of pride at the end of the day?

Am Asus2         C              Fmaj7
to the face of a thriving corporation

Am Asus2           C               Fmaj7
what could a dying family possibly say?

Am             C              Fmaj7
on the face of every American worker

       Am                       C            Fmaj7
is the constant fear that their job will not remain

       Am        C            Fmaj7
as the C.E.O. is planning his vacation

   Am                       C             Fmaj7
to kill or be killed is the nature of the beast

C (ring)                 Fmaj7
    stand in line take a number you sell your soul

then watch it crumble

into a pile of rubble that used to be

                         Am             C
your job, your life your family's daily bread

dry and stale malnourished kids

Am              C                    Fmaj7
   the house is sold for a degrading bid

      Am          C             Fmaj7
do we continue to talk or do we take a hammer

to their chains

to their chains

   Fmaj7           Am
to their chains!
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