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Boy Sets Fire - With Cold Eyes chords

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by Nitch (

Intro / Verse:
   Dsus2  Dm    Asus2>Am>Am7   Fsus2>F  G6>G6sus4 Asus2>Am>Am7


It's no wonder we're all scared when our submission makes demands
and who the hell are you is it asked or forced to do
Do you pray for holiness or just prey on my willingness
to starve, beg, consume for something you can't prove

Am  Am+>Am

   G F Am Asus2 Am   F        G          Am    Asus2 Am  
If I'm unworthy it's you that brought me here
  F             G            F/C     G/B    Am     Asus2
I sacrificed so much just to let you own my fears
F            G         Am>Am+>Am>Asus4>Am>Asus2>Am
Please don't let go of me

And I will carry on with your burden on my shoulders
Where's the white washed tomb out of which your god's been exhumed
A corpse to force my guilt through lips you thought you sealed
And sins you can't let go have blinded you on your throne
And left me here alone

(repeat Chorus)

Am        F                    C             G
While god sleeps the righteous feed upon the meek
What kind of father sits and lets his children bleed?
Don't just stand there, show us all if this is true
That your love and mercy isn't for a chosen few

(repeat Chorus)

Am    : x02210
Am7   : x02213
Asus2 : x02200
Asus4 : x02230
Am+   : x02211
C     : x32010
Dsus2 : xx0230
Dm    : xx0231
Fsus2 : xx3011
F     : 133211
F/C   : x33211
G     : 320003
G/B   : x20003
G6    : 320000
G6sus4: 320010
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