Brad Knauber - Glowstone Love - An Original Minecraft Song chords

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  D-A-Em-G (x2)

              D    A               Em  G
 You give me light, when I'm in a cave
              D     A           Em     G
 You make it bright, So I can be brave.  

            D            A        
 And I'll travel to the underground
            Em            G                     D
 Just to bring you back, safe and sound with me 
            A                         Em
 I had to break you but I'll put you back together
 Forever together

Em                      A
 Just think of all the times we'll have
Em              A
 Illuminate my dark and boring past 
Em                  A
 I knew I couldn't do this on my own
G           A                                   
 I love you, cause you're my Glowstone.

  D-A-Em-G (x2)

              D    A              Em   G
 I'll risk my life, going to the nether
              D   A                    Em      G
 And I'll be fine, but with you I'll be better.

           D                  A
 And that golden look just makes me smile
          Em                             G                     D
 And you light up the night think I'll stay for a while, who knows.
        A                           Em             G
 Don't tell but I think I like you better than my diamond clothes. 

Em                         A
   Now it's bright in the mine at last
Em                             A
   The expectations that I've had for you, you've past
Em                        A
   The attachment that I have I would've never known


A                   D
  D-A-Em-G (x2)
 Gloooooooow-  Stooooooone-

 Cuase you're my Glowstone 
  D-A-Em-G (x2)
 Gloooooooow-  Stooooooone-

        D             A
 And I wish it was forever 
      Em                G
 the time that we're together
            D                         A
 I hop you never grow old and you'll never grow dim
                 Em                     G
 That you're the same light that you've always been
               D                 A
 Because it's you and me I light up at the thought
              Em                         G
 Miners are scared of the dark. But with you I'm not.

            D                        A
 And can we keep this the same. Everyday is a clone.
    Em              G   
 I love you, cause you're my glowstoooooooooooooooone

   D-A-Em-G              D-A-Em-G
 You're, you're my glowstone.      (x2) 

        A              D
 Cause you're my glowstone.
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