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Brad Paisley - Sleepin On The Foldout tab

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D               A       D                 G
Sleepin' on the foldout, thanks to me and my big mouth
D                    A   D                        A
Why did I do what I did, I shoulda' known better than to lie
D                G               D               A           D
It's to late and so tonight I'm sleepin' on the foldout sofa bed.
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A                                   D
She wanted to me to go and see her family
A                            D
But I told her that I had to work
A                                      D
I never dreamed she'd get home so dang early
    G                       A
She caught me cleanin' fish out on our back porch, so now I'mů

repeat chorus
A                                      D
I can't believe they call this thing a mattress
A                        D
It's 2 a.m. and I'm wide awake
A                                 D
Lookin' back I shoulda' just been honest
Instead of tellin' her the whole staff spent
The day out on the lake, so now I'mů

repeat chorus

G              D               A             D
yeah, yeah I'm sleepin' on the fold out sofa bed.
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