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Brad Paisley - Wrapped Around tab

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Artist: Brad Paisley 
Title: Wrapped Around 
Tabbed by: Stephen
  A            D                   E                         A 
Every day I clock out, and head straight to her house 
  A                   D                        E 
We cuddle up on the couch, But it always ends the same old way 
  E                                                                E 
I'm drivin' home and it's incredibly late, Something's got to change,  
                D                                                         A 
I've been wrapped around her finger since the first time we went out 
E                                             D                A 
every day, every night, she's all i think about 
    D                                     A                            D 
I need that girl beside me when the lights go out 
                                          A                 E                  
I think it's time to put a ring on her finger, i'm wrapped around 

Verse: (same notes) 
Went to the bank, took out a loan, went and bought the perfect stone 
Called up her dad on the phone, I'm taking him to dinner sunday night 
I've never been so nervous in my life, I want to do this right, 'cause 


Lead: A D E A   D 

   E                                              E 
Yes sir I love her very much, I know it's only been seven months 
But that's long enough 

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