Brad Paisley - Death Of A Single Man chords

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E   G#m7   A7   B7  

      E   G#m7    F#m    B
Remember when we got the news
     E    C#dom7  F#m   B    
Confirming our worst fears
     E      Fdim            A   Am
I said he wouldn’t make it six months
     E           B     E
And others gave him a year
          G#m7   F#m    B
And sure enough last Saturday
    E     C#dom7  F#m  B
We paid our last respects
     E      Fdim           A    Am
He left us here still in this life
        E      B        E        D   G#m
And he’s gone on to the next
         A     Am         G#
I’d never seen him wear a tie
        C#m                F#                 F#  G#
But he looked so natural, almost lifelike
          A  Am           G#
The preacher spoke, his mother cried
               C#m                       F#
When he said “Son, you may now kiss the bride”

Everyone cheered, I thought how odd
I didn’t understand
Why with champagne and cake we celebrate
The death of a single man

So many flowers, he was so loved
Prior to the bride
As a matter of fact
The maid of honor should be disqualified

To all his friends, it’s a wake-up call
If it happened to him
It can happen to us all
Nothing says it’s over man
Like a bad 80’s cover band
How can we dance to My Sharona
At the death of a single man

He was so young

So full of dreams
Before the day he fell
Now he’s gone on to a better place
Or possibly to hell

Now here we are, seems so unfair
It’s poker night and there’s one empty chair
So many things we’re gonna miss
His happy smile and that great laugh of his

I think of him in the afterwife, life
I guess all good things must end
So with Jack and Coke, we’ll make a toast
To the death of a single man
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