Brakes - Spring Chicken tab

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Hey Everyone,  this is my first tab and I Kinda just stumbled on it.  This band is 
and I can't believe there is only one tab on here.  Please email me if, you know any other 
Tabs (NY pie, please!) Rolo -          Tour Canada!!!!!!

(standard tuning)
This song is basically 3 chords

   C       F          G6(I think)

The strumming is easy
the song starts on the C but from then on, its F and quickly to the C

F CC F CC F CC F CC F  G6 G6 G6 G6 G6

come on over and do the twist

about the only thing that make me forget about this

come on over and do the terr-or-ist

it gets me so nervous when you are movin like this

A Chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken

do the string chicken

well it's a start,

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