Brand New - Limousine chords

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Brand New Ė Limousine [Album: The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me]

  Bm             Bsus2
 "K, here's your ride.
         D5             Asus2
 Get your petals out and lay them in the aisle
 G  Bsus2        Bm
 Pretend you are God, and grow,
  And that it's your own day to wed
Bm                      Bsus2
 We have found your man.
 He is drinking up.
      Asus2    G              Bsus2
 He's all-American, and he'll drive
        Bm             Asus2
 He has volunteered with grace to end your life.
Bm        Bsus2
 We'll tidy up
      D5               Asus2
 It's sad to hold, but leave your shell to us
G      Bsus2       Bm          Asus2
 You explode, you firefly, you tiny boat with oars,
G        Bsus2
 Feather oars 
     Bm                   Asus2
 The world tilts back and pours and pours
     G           Bsus2           Bm
 And so, you satellite, you tidal wave,
 Youíre a big surprise
     G               Bsus2        F# (Hold)
 And I have one more night to be your mother"

     G5              A5
 Her signal was interrupted.
            Bm           D5
 My baby's frequency not strong enough
      G5             Bsus2
 Her head in my hands and smiling.
            Bm              A5
 K, we will miss you but in time you'll get set up,
G5         F#
 And we will write"

                  D5      A5
(Hey, you beauty) supreme.
 G5             E
Yeah, you were right about me.
 Bm              A5
 But can I get myself out from underneath
G5                     E
 This guilt that will crush me
        D5 A5 G5         E
 In the choir, I saw our sad Messiah.
 Bm               A5
 He was bored and tired of my laments.
 G5                       E                   Bm
 He said, "I died for you one time, but never again" 

Bm     Dsus2   A5         G               Bsus2
   never again...  never again...   never again...   (few times)

Bm                      Dsus2        A5                      G
Well I love you so much, but do me a favor baby and donít reply.
Cause I can dish it out, but I can't take it.  -2x-

Bm                     Dsus2   ...
1 I Love you so much...

2 I Love you so much...


4567    (Same Chords all the time)

Bm A5 G Bsus2 ...

The End :)

I pretty much too the Chords from Version 1, they are rly good! I only made it a 
little less complicated for people like me who are pretty fucking lazy.
so yea, have fun playing it!
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