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Brand New - Fight Off Your Demons tab

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Standard Tuning. 

       G 		   C 

well i wrote your name and burned it,

	 G 		D

see the colour of the flame

       Am 		     C 

and it burned out the whole spectrum 

	G            Em

as if you were everything


mine just burned gold


a normal flame

  G	   Em	

I am not anything

for the rest it is just the first sequence repeated and it ends on a G.
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and all that i remember is the feeling of waking up,
when we were kids you were the sun to which my eyes would not adjust,
when we were kids i was a fountain you could never drink enough,
then came all the boys who swept you up,
played careless with your heart,
and every night there was a new girl sitting beside me in my car,
something dies when you grow older,
but you do the best you can,
i am glad,
i am glad,
you found a good man.

this song is amazing and this is going to be their best album so far for sure.

tabbed by ross shroff

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