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Brandi Carlile - Love Songs tab

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This is a beutiful song, great lyrics!! Brandi plays this one on the piano but it 
works on the guitar as well:)

Tabbed by: Lusifax
No capo

Brandi Carlile - Love Songs

Intro: G Gm D x2

D                     G
I could never write a love song
A                     D         A  D
I could never write a blue song
D                       G
When I'm in love I am a lover
Bm                        A
but I will always had the blues

D                      G
I'm afraid that no one sees me
Bm                          A
What will they say when I'm gone
D                           G
It occureds to me I think I miss you
  A       (G)            D
I think I miss you all along

G Gm D   G Gm D
 Aaaaa    Aaaa
[ Tab from: ]
D                       G
Out of the corner of my eye
  A                                 D    A D
I surefire to think these tings of you
D                               G
At the wrong place at the wrong time
  Bm                         A
I think It's just my turn to loose

D                             G
Thoughts of you could give me smilelines
       Bm                              A
I'll laugh myself to sleep because I knew
D                     G
I will talk about a fineline
A         (G)                 D
Depends on who you're talking to

 G Gm D  G Gm D   G 
G    G A D
 Aaaaa   Aaaaa    Ooooo   ( Cello )

D                    G
If it's said a conselation
A                           D  A  D
The blues has always had me too
D                        G
And if I'll ever write a love song
A                           D
I think I'll write it about you  (Wink at somebody!)
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