Brandi Carlile - Sunsets And Cigarettes chords

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This is a song originally by the band that Tim and Phil were in pre-Brandi, called “The
Fighting Machinists.” This song is so beautiful and I couldn’t find any tabs of it so I
decided to post this. Watch it on you tube to hear how its played. A few of the words 
may a little off bc its hard to hear them, so please let me know if you have corrections.
Also, Brandi Carlile and her band are amazing and true musicians.

Title: Sunsets and Cigarettes
Artist: The Fighting Machinists

C G Am G C

Verse 1:

C		      G		      Am
What were you feeling, cause I wanna know
	         G		       C
If you even knew, Where we were gonna go
	        G		      Am
Lying on my back, watch the paint peel
And I realize, that nothings real,


Dm      F 	      C
Sunsets, and cigarettes
Remind me, of my regrets.
Dm	 F	      C
Sunshine, and moonshine
Take me back, to our time.

Verse 2:

C	                G		    Am
Didn’t mean to keep you, waiting for so long
		               G                C
Adjust the time for you quicker, than I ever saw
C		          G			Am
Cause you were going down, and I was far below
Feeling a thing that you would never know


Verse 3:

C		   G	            Am
When I see the face, of the passin’ by
At times I see you on the other side
C	      G		        Am
All their eyes, I don’t know why
Its been so long and there are no tears when you cry

Chorus x2
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