Brandon Boyd - A Night Without Cars chords

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			     A Night Without Cars - Incubus


A              G   
Picture this: A falling star 
D              A 
the door holds a kite string 
A              G
The two of us are holding fast
D              A  
Where will the fall leave us? 

A           F#
(You were a prisoner) 
D          A
And so was I 
A              F#
(Now we’re the hunted)
D            A  
It opened my eye
A              F  
(Into the arms of)
D               A   
A threat that’s real!
A           F 
This is our burden
D           A
we’ve got to find 

Another way out! 
If there are no such things as walls 
D                       A      
you’re not a prisoner at all
Another way out! 
Yeah, there is nothing holding you! 
So run like 
a Caribou 
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