Brandon Heath - Only Water chords

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Only Water
Brandon Heath

There's a shadow coming
as the sky goes black
It's a stubborn rain
on a Nebraska plain

There's a farmer standing
on a thirsty ground
He holds his breath
This is life or death
     G    A     D
It's only water

        Bm        G
And it washes over me
        Bm             G
Like a single river stone
        m              G                Em7                 
Changes everything but has no power on its own
     G     A    D
It's only water

There's a winding canyon
Where a mountain stood
Miles of earth and clay
Carried far away

But there's something holy
In these cathedral walls
They took a lot of years
And a lot of tears
It's only water


There once was a wedding
All the wine was gone
They said He's just a man
That's where it all began
It was only water
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