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Brandon Heath - I Will Lay You Down chords

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Brandon Heath

Verse 1
C                  G                    Am
  Youve got the whole world on your shoulders

And its more than you can bear
C              G               Am 
 I hear you calling for some help
But is there anybody there?
C/E          F               C/G
  Well I'm here to let you know

Pre Chorus 1
This was never meant for you
I know what youre going through

C                     F   
  Come to me weary now and I will lay you down
Dm                           Bb
  Throw all your cares aside you will never be denied
C                          F   
  Come set your burden free you will be safe with me
Dm                    Bb        Gm 
  Come to me weary now I will lay you down

Verse 2
So dont you worry bout a thing
Im gonna get you through the night
I know you're scared but its gonna be alright
And if you wake before the light

Pre Chorus 2
            Am               Bb
Dont be afraid, just call my name
              Gm           Bb
Ill hear you pray, Im on my way, yeah, yeah

Dm               Am                  
  Everythings alright cause I am on your side
Bb                            F        Gm
   And if you need to you can hide in me
Dm                          Am                  
  Cause all you need to know I will never let you go 
Bb                                  (C    G    Am  x2)
  Im the lover of your soul
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