Brandon Heath - Blue Mountain chords

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Brandon Heath
Blue Mountain

1st version gave it a good go, but I believe this sounds like it is the right way. 
Also, for me, easier to sing with a capo on the 5th, but I have a low voice. 
Noodle around with the transition from C to Am if you fingerpick it and it sounds pretty good

Intro: Am Em F C
  Am               Em           F            C
   Cool fog in the morning, like cotton on the trees
  Am              Em                    F              C
   Quiet enough to hear the song, in the humming of the bees
  Am                    Em             F          C
   Floatin' out from the highway, sayin' come on up my way
             Am                 Em                F              C
   Through the tall grass in the valley, where the earth and heaven meet

                     Am Em    F   C
   Won't you come on up,    to blue mountain
  Am                       Em
   Above the clouds and the busy crowds
       F              C
   It's where you wanna be
                     Am Em   F   C
   Won't you come on up,   to blue mountain
            Am                  Em 
   Where the time crawls and the water falls
       F             C
   Blue mountain majesty

         Am                 Em                F             C 
   Send a postcard, to your sweetheart, take a picture by the sign
      Am              Em                    F                    C
   See all the way, to seven states, and the coast if the weathers right
           Am                Em            F                C
   Well its always right, its paradise, its like you've never seen
         Am          Em           F          C
   Take a nap under a hickory, and wake up in a dream
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