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Brandon Setta - Miss Perfect chords

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This is a song by Brandon Setta
It's taken from the Title Fight / Brandon Setta split (Brandon did the 1st 3 songs, 
Jamie Rhoden did the last 3)

Capo 1st fret

C                            Am
You look so pretty in your sleep

Am                            Dm
Tell me, are you dreaming of me?

Dm                G7                               C
Or do you dream about the way that things used to be?

C                  Am
It never was this bad

Am                 Dm                               G7
And I was good at more than just always making you sad


I know I told you that

If you'd just stay with me

things would be fine

G7                C   C/B
Until the end of time

Am                             E
But you know there's no such thing

              F          G7                C
As a promise ring that doesn't lose it's shine

End Fill:              C

This is pretty much a perfect tab I think, but if there are mistakes feel free to 
message them and I'll change as needed :)  Enjoy!
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