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Brantley Gilbert - Picture On The Dashboard chords

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Picture on the Dashboard
Brantley Gilbert
Tabbed by Jake Keele

Intro: Cadd9 G Cadd9 D Em7

Verse 1:

Cadd9                                  G
You ain't nothin' like you're memory, Atleast it hang's around
Cadd9                            D   Em7
And that old photograph you gave me Well i can't bare to lay it down
Cadd9                           G
And when this bottles empty, girl im gonna paint this town
Cadd9                            G
Yeah, after all we're said and done.

Em7                                 D
Well, I don't have one good reason, you should turn and come back home
         G                 Cadd9                      D
Or the right to blame you, girl i don't have much at all

                Cadd9    G
I still got your picture taped to the dashboard
        Cadd9  G
On the mantle right by the front door
                   Em7   D
You said if you leave you'd never come back
Well baby i don't believe but thats where im at
                   Cadd9   G
Its all of the wrong times all of the right things
             Cadd9     G
In my right mind to say things i dont mean
             Em7 D             Cadd9
But baby thats me and its way to late
                Cadd9   G    Cadd9    G
I still got your picture on the dashboard

Verse 2:

G                          D
And I ain't like I used to be
Em7                       Cadd9
Tough as hell and hard to please
G             D                    Em7     Cadd9
But you came along and this ole boy hit his knee

G                         D
And the day was too much without you
Em7                   Cadd9
Yeah my life revolved around you
G                    D                Em7        Cadd9
And you dropped a stone down on my heart

And now I can't move on
Cause we danced to all our songs
Cadd9              D
Up to midnight all alone

(Repeat Chorus)


                Em7                                 D
When I'm driving down this old backroad way to fast I'll never know
          Em7                                     Cadd9          D
Girl, I can't look down cause I'll see your eyes right next to 65

(Repeat Chorus)

Outro: Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G D
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