Brazzaville - Pillow From Home chords

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Em     C
 Late night
Em     C
 All alone
Em                  D
 Just sitting in my hotel room
Bm                     Am
 Wishing I was back at home
Em      C
 A long flight
Em                  C
 Halfway around the globe
Em               D
 This life at 30 thousand feet
             Bm                  Am
 Well it's starting to take it's toll

                      Em    C
 I got my pillow from home
                   Em    C
 Here on the 33rd floor
 And I loaded all your photographs
 Into my mobile phone
          Bm                    Am
 But they only made me miss you more
                  Em     C
 I got my beat up guitar
                     Em   C
 And my pocket Moleskine
 I packed my echinacea drops
 And all my speaker tapes
            Bm                   Am
 'Cause I'm out here on the road again
     Bm                   Am        Bm Am
 I'm out here on the road again
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