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Brazzaville - Air Mail chords

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Capo on the 4th fret 

 Fallen down
 Heís too weary
 Canít get up
 His eyes are blurry
 He just fades away
 Heís drunk up 1/2 his weight in sherry
 Swallowed the apothecary
 Whispering a farewell lullaby

      Am             F      G    Em
 Iíve seen enough in my old life
 Just send an airmail to my wife
 Tell her her hoboís gone and died
 And that my world is looking wide

 He came to town
 37 years ago
 His hair was long
 His eyes were blue
 He lived down by the sea
 Head full of poetry
 Rock & roll and galleries
 Nickel bags and happenings
 The fall of í63

 Iíve seen enough in my old lifeÖ 

 The years rolled by
 3rd & Broadway caught his eye
 Black tar, speed and china white
 Took it all away
 Left him in ragged clothes
 Cardboard boxes for a home
 An old man when he should be young
 Trashing through the day
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