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Brazzaville - Single Apartment chords

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 D          G                   A
 Jean was a heartbreaker in her day
 D            G                  A
 Carefree and dancing the night away
                  G       A 
 Then she turned 41 oh oh oh
                       G         A
 Had her moment in the sun oh oh oh
 Now she eats all alone
                  G                  A
 And talks to her best friend on the phone

 She wakes up at 6:30 everyday
 And heads off to work at the Blue Cafe
 But the money's not enough oh oh oh
 And her clothes are lookin' rough oh oh oh
 And her car needs an alternator
 When will it all let up

         Bm                 G
 And her single apartment's closing in
     A                     D
 Her loneliness won't give way
 All the girls on the TV look so thin
 And she's already turnin' gray
 And the guy that she met on the internet
 He turned out to be a creep
 She says, "God I've got so many dreams to share,
 If you'd send me a good man to keep."

 At Christmas, she flies out to Illinois
 She treasures the time with her sister's boys
 She was unlucky in love oh oh oh
 Now the years are catchin' up oh oh oh
 And at 3 AM sometimes it's just a little too much
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